Technical Committees

To provide a world-wide forum for discussion, exchange of new ideas, establishment of new friendships and collaborations and for the dissemination of recent acquired knowledge is an important part of our mission. To contribute to its realization Technical committees (TCs) were established.

The TC Chairs have committed to meet every so often in small, medium and/or large size workshops/meetings to exchange the latest information on the subject.  We would expect the TC Chair to be a member of EuraSEM.  People attending the TC meeting do not necessarily need to be members; of course, we encourage them to be.

To date, the TCs include:

  1. Structural Concrete, Chair: Gonzalo Ruiz Lopez
  2. Rock and Soil Mechanics, Chair: Elli-Maria Charalampidou
  3. Smart Materials. Chair: Elzbieta Pieczyska
  4. High Strain Rate Behavior and Dynamics, Chair: Patricia Verleysen
  5. Non-destructive Techniques, Chair: Dimitrios Aggelis
  6. Digital Image Correlation, Chair: Jean-Noël Perie.
  7. Composites and adhesives, Chair: Anastasios P. Vassilopoulos
  8. Wood Mechanics and Timber Engineering, Chair: Thomas Bader
  9. Photoelasticity, Chair: Wei-Chung Wang
  10. Interferometry, Chair: Mario Vaz

We are hoping to open additional TCs in:

  1. Structural Health Monitoring.
  2. Residual stress.
  3. Thermo-mechanics.
  4. Micro and Nano-Scale Measurements.

Anyone who is interested in participating may get in touch with the Chair of that TC.  Many TC Chairs plan to organize a special session at ICEM19 which will take place in Krakow from July 5, 2020 until July 8, 2020.  You are invited to submit abstracts to the ICEM19 website and specify a special session.